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What Can Happens When a Legal IT Professional Likes People as Much as Technology

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but not if you’re talking about the career path of an electronic discovery professional. In this regard, Khrys McKinney's career path functions as a prime exhibit. While self-financing her college education she worked in the flight telecom branch of Johnson Space Center with hopes of being one of the "hidden figures" in space exploration. She loved working during shuttle missions, long hours notwithstanding, but the she knew she had to free up more time for her studies. A college friend who was working in the legal field convinced Khrys to take a position at a law firm, temporarily.

Working on large litigation projects presented opportunities to apply computer-based solutions to discovery activities. From there, it was a natural progression to assist in the formation of the firm’s new litigation support department which eventually encompassed computer training, help desk support, trial services, matter-specific application development and a return to the extended hours that she welcomed as an endurance challenge. What began as a temporary detour became a career, with Khrys becoming immersed in nearly all the technologies impacting the legal profession as technology evolved: minicomputer-based proprietary solutions, client-server products, simple-to-use desktop solutions, imaging/OCR technologies, hosted document management tools, analytics, artificial intelligence-based review applications, and information governance platforms. The exposure to such a panoply made her an expert in the skills and best practices that drive technology-based productivity. She engaged in the use of technology in litigation, business deals, return on time investments, document management, trials, call centers, and knowledge management.

After a career of leadership in the legal IT trenches with exposure to budgeting, finance, marketing, business development, and information governance, consulting was a next logical step for Ms. McKinney. Client’s interested in hiring people like the ones she brought to their engagements and in some cases they wanted to hire the engaged people. Where there was a mutual interest, Khrys did something unusual. She encouraged the match and worked with the clients to hire her talented team members. Khrys believed that there was enough work, business and talent in the market for everyone to have careers in organizations fit their desired quality of life and career goals. Touching the lives of people was the perfect next step for Khrys.

The organization, K L McKinney, brings her vision to life, to identify and engage talented professionals across disciplines, to build the finest recruiting and consulting teams. Like Herbert Hoover who promised a chicken in every pot, K L McKinney seeks to provide talent for technology based leverage in every legal matter.

Managers in search of the perfect fit for outside consultants or direct hire candidates rely on K L McKinney to appreciate their needs and to match the right people to the task.

Professionals looking for career fulfillment in the legal or technology sector reach out to K L McKinney to unite them with the organization and position that is their best fit.