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The Theory of Relativity Talent Searches – overcoming challenges of sourcing new hires with high demand skills

If your organization is moving at the speed of light, how do you perceive experience with a current version of a leading software product like #Relativity when you know that new versions release at a steady pace? Which is the more important skill for incoming talent, the ability to adapt to as software products evolve in rapid development cycles or experience with the most current version of a particular product? Leadership in #eDiscovery groups seek creative solutions to meet their talent needs.

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Dark Data in Litigation

Advanced participants in information governance have found creative ways to harness categorization and analytics regarding data that has been previously handled for various business purposes, including litigation. However, there is a monster looming and growing. His name is Dark Data.  

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Khrys McKinney
If Actors Make Good Presidents, They Can Also Make Good eDiscovery Consultants -not another political expose

An eDiscovery Career Profile: Technology changes with ever increasing speed and opportunity. The resulting opportunities in legal information technology require the agility to manage current technology while mastering the next new solution paying attention to the affect that these technologies have on the practice of law. The flexibility of one Legal Technology Manager may be a result of the interesting start of his career and his ongoing fascination with the next new thing.

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An eDiscovery Job Incorporating the Best of Both Worlds- when law firm and eDiscovery service bureau combine

The eDiscovery professional who approaches career choices with a little creativity can find opportunities that incorporate elements intrinsic to very different work environments. See how these professionals reap the rewards of an environment where they are one of the key client facing revenue generators with the advantage of a physical location that provides some of the perks of being the client.

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