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An eDiscovery Job Incorporating the Best of Both Worlds- when law firm and eDiscovery service bureau combine

Law firms and eDiscovery service bureaus offer very different environments. Some professionals in eDiscovery are attracted to the prestige of a law firm environment steeped in tradition, ivy league alumni, high end décor, opportunities for rigorous debate, a myriad of support services, proximity to the power musings of the elite, and exposure to many aspects of law. Other eDiscovery professionals prefer work environments in service bureaus, where instead of supporting the key internal client facing performers, they are key internal client facing performers. In these service bureaus they have direct client contact, systems designed to support their work, a myriad of professional development opportunities, frequent innovation huddles and an environment rich with technical collaboration. [See a comparison from a former insider of both types of organizations here. ]

Imagine a job that combines both of these environments. Professionals in eDiscovery can find a combination of these two environments when working for an eDiscovery company onsite in a law firm under a managed services agreement.  Some law firms address cost pressures from their clients and internal profitability challenges by outsourcing their eDiscovery operations to third party eDiscovery service providers. These service providers seek to place their best customer service oriented project managers and support staff on these accounts to solidify their relationships with the law firms.

This type of position on a resume can expand options for those who have found entry into a different environment difficult. For example, a service bureau project manager with a desire to try working in a law firm may find that many law firms will only consider candidates who have previously worked in a law firm environment. In this instance, a position with a company with onsite managed services can provide an opportunity to work on the premises of a law firm while gaining value from service bureau experience.

Understanding the makeup of an organization and its hiring practices is key to finding a good fit when searching for a job of this nature.  At K L McKinney we keep our finger on the pulse of legal information technology business and can help job seekers to identify organizations with this type of offering. Check our career board or give us a call for this type of move. [See one example of this type of Project Manager position here.]