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Tactics for Closing the Gender Gap in Legal

Written by Khrys McKinney

Non-lawyers can learn tactics for closing the gender gap related to pay and opportunity by monitoring the approaches of female lawyers. Some women lawyers have resorted to litigation to address the issue for themselves. Others leverage their legal training to negotiate stellar deals. Part of that legal training includes strategies that include the use of experts to prepare terms and perform due diligence.


Women and men can always equip themselves when negotiation compensation for a new position by working with a recruiter who specializes in their associated discipline.  Third party recruiting specialists maintain current information with regard to the pay ranges for positions based on the type, size, and region of hiring organizations. They help professionals identify organizations with equitable compensation practices, when the current employer does not provide the same.  


Top tier organizations rely on the same recruiting specialists to help them to attract top talent. These progressive organizations recognize that third party recruiters can advise them in the practices and compensation that will help them to compete for desired candidates.


Setting up the right deal at the outset can eliminate the need for future litigation in a profession where all parties, lawyer and non-lawyer, are denizens of an adversarial professional civilization. 


See what happens when things go wrong in Scott Flaherty,'s The Am Law Daily article, "Can Litigation Solve Big Law's Gender Equity Problem?" at http://ow.ly/PUE830bRNZU